San Tan Village in Gilbert celebrates it's first year, but still disappoints me

I thought it would be a nice day out for my daughter and I to browse the San Tan Village shops in Gilbert.  I should have taken into consideration this is not your typical refrigerated mall.  It was hot the day we started our trek. Something like 112 degrees…in the shade.

I was excited at the prospect of a “downtown” shopping experience.  When I was growing up in Waukegan, Illinois, downtown was the only place to shop.  But, I don’t think it was ever 112 degrees (in the shade) in Waukegan.

San Tan Village disappointed me.  Just a bunch of stores strung together.  Not much in the way of ambiance at the street either.  Curbside parking with lots of blacktop.  Which, combined with the 112 degrees (yes, in the shade) was kinda like being in a brick pizza oven.  Heat reflecting off cars, heat radiating from the black topped road.  Not exactly conducive to mozying.  We actually found ourselves stopping at the “you are here” map and saying, “hmmm…we’re getting kinda far from the car.  Let’s go to a real mall where it’s cool”. Which is exactly what we did.

I’m sure this is a nice place to shop in the winter, but I wish planners would have thought about our desert summers and built in some shade coverings over the walkways.  Or some shade landscape options at the very least. 

Maybe they figured with the gigantic underwear photos (complete with big boobies) hanging over Victoria’s Secret, nobody would notice the heat?  Too bad they had to change those… it might have worked.