Sell your Arizona Home in 60 minutes…with these magic beans!

 I just about choked on my chalupa when I saw this ad on AZ Central.  Call me crazy, but I don’t think this is an honest ad.  I don’t believe you can get rid of wrinkles in 60 minutes with magic face cream.  The fine print actually hints to the fact that this is not really a before and after photo.  Umm, you’re kidding? Really? Brilliant marketing however, as they certainly got my attention, even if they didn’t get my credit card number. 

Likewise, you probably can’t sell a home in today’s market in 60 minutes.  4 years ago?  If a home was on the market longer than 60 minutes, we wondered what was wrong with it.  Don’t get me wrong, great homes with great prices are still selling quickly.  A home I listed last week sold in 3 days with not one magic bean.

I saw this house (can I really call this a house?) on the Arizona Regional MLS today and was thinking some of that cream smeared over the camera lens might have helped.  Good thing the listing agent included a disclaimer that the house had recently been “burnt down”  (though I might dispute the “down” part) and is being sold “as is”. 

Don’t call me about this one, I’m all out of magic beans.