Stinky cheese house and other infamous real estate landmarks

Buyers today are looking at more than a few houses before finding the perfect home to buy.  Some homes will invariably stand out more than others, but this is not necessarily a good thing.  Houses with not-so-positive features often end up with some very creative nicknames by some very creative buyers.  After all, the home seeking adventure should be fun, right?

stinky-cheese-houseTake for instance the home with the most indescribable odor that became known to my buyers as “Stinky Cheese House“.  

Then there was the “Wally P” ~ the house where every wall was covered in a different collage of wallpaper…including the ceilings. 

“Little Egypt” ~ a home that featured a backyard reminiscent of an archaeological dig.

“Creature from the Black Lagoon” ~ I don’t have to build you a word picture of the pool at this house. 

“The House that Time Forgot” ~ picture avocado green shag carpeting & harvest gold appliances.  

“House of Wax” ~ where so many candles were burning that our eyes began to water and we soon had to rush outside for oxygen.  

“Chatty Kathy’s House” ~  the reason sellers are asked to be gone during showings.

…and don’t forget “The Ashtray” & “Bugs R’ Us” ~ both which also had us all bolting for the door.

Interesting to note that homes that make the “favorites’ short list are usually remembered by the home’s street name or some outstanding aunt-drusillafeature like “the house with the huge yard and great pool” or “the house with the incredible kitchen” and rarely by a cheeky nickname.

So, if your home is for sale and you happen to overhear a buyer referring to it as “The Louvre”, don’t assume they’re referring to your exquisite artistic displays.  It may just mean that it’s time to remove that 24×36 photo of the Aunt Drusilla hanging over the fireplace.


  1. Interesting… 😉 What do you think they would call a house with one of my 6′ St. Joseph fountains in the front lawn? Perhaps we should move beyond just staging and get a bit more creative so that properties will spark this kind of remembrance in a buyer, but from a positive slant?

    By the way, I like your posts… 😉 They’re lots of fun!

  2. A 6 ft statue of St. Joseph in the front yard would likely bring a nickname of the “house of hope”. Have to be careful not to get on the bad side of a Saint, right?

    I’m glad you like my posts!