When is the best time to sell a house in Arizona?

christmas-houseProbably one of the most frequently asked questions I receive from sellers contemplating selling their homes is “when is the best time to sell a house in Arizona?”  The flippant answer would be “um…yesterday”.

But let’s contemplate this as we roll into the upcoming holiday season…which I might add seems to come earlier every year.  Truly a contradiction to my senses as I stroll the Halloween candy aisle basking in the glow of decorated Christmas trees and the tinkling sound of Christmas carols playing one aisle over….but I digress.

Is there a “better” time to sell a home in Arizona?  Well, historically the first 3 months of the year are considered our “high” season.  Most folks want to wait to make their real estate decisions until the holidays are over which accounts for the steep rise in new listings right after January 1.  But, just because there are more listings…doesn’t mean that’s the best time to sell.  Obviously, more listings means more competition for a seller.

April-June is our second most active real estate period.  Temps are still moderate and relocation opportunities typically coincide with school summer vacation.

July-September ranks #3 in real estate activity.  Why?  It’s HOT.  Driving from property to property wearing oven mitts isn’t my idea of a good time and the same holds true for most buyers.  Sellers typically see a slowing of showings during the heat of our desert summers and it’s no surprise.

Finally the holiday season of October-December.  Slowest real estate season of the year.  BUT…that doesn’t mean homes don’t sell.  There are usually fewer homes on the market during the holidays.  So if you have an awesome house to sell, chances are even greater that it will stand high above limited competition.cookies

With our current market however, my answer to the question “When is the best time to sell a house in Arizona” is…”As soon as you can…but only if you have to”.  Our prices are still trending downward which means waiting even 3 months to put your home on the market can mean a significant net loss.  Now, if you decide to sell your home and it happens to be December 18th…I would suggest waiting till after January 1.  Why add the 2 weeks to your total days on market?  The dates right around Christmas and the New Year are probably the worst time to try to sell a home…in any part of the country.

Even though our market is leaning heavily towards buyers right now, sellers should not be discouraged.  Many of my listings have sold in under a month and my last 3 listings sold in just a few days. 

So the real answer to the question is “price it well and it will sell”…anytime of the year.