What doom & gloom? Some Chandler area homes are still selling quickly.

chandler-homesWith all the doom and gloom market reporting in the media, home buyers think they have plenty of time to mull over their favorite home choices before making a decision to write an offer on one. 

Yes, some homes are hanging around awhile on MLS, however half of my listings this year have sold in less than a month and several have sold in less than a week.  This week one of my listings was only on the market 3 days when we accepted an offer.  Agents calling to schedule a showing appointment are shocked when they find out the home sold in only a few days while their buyers pondered whether they wanted to go back for a second look.  Nope…no time for second looks.

I’ve been on the other side of that coin as well, representing a buyer who thinks they have the luxury of time to consider writing an offer, only to find out the home is gone or we are now in a multiple offer situation. 

As a Realtor, I don’t like to come off as pushy, but when I see a home that’s priced well, in a great location and in model-like condition, I tell my buyers “better hurry or this one will be gone”.  Fortunately, my buyers know I’m looking out for them and not just trying to make a sale, though the media hype could cause them to pause for a moment to wonder if I’ve gone temporarily insane.

One of my listings recently received competing offers for purchase.  One offer was a very happy educated offer, one offer was a very sad and stupid offer.  The choice was easy for my sellers who went with the very happy offer. The day after we accepted that offer I received a voicemail from a distressed young woman who apparently was the “very sad buyer” who had taken the advice of her Realtor and written the other “very sad and stupid” offer.  She was crying on the message saying that her Realtor had told her it was a buyer’s market and she could come in with a very low offer even though she had told him she REALLY wanted the house.  (By the way…a lowball offer may be ok if you don’t care whether or not you get the house…but if it’s your dream house?  Not so good advice)  When her Realtor told her we accepted another offer, “very sad buyer” was devastated that she had lost her dream house and she was extremely angry at her Realtor.  Hard lesson for “sad buyer” to learn…may be a hard lesson for her Realtor to learn as well.  I know I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.

So, to all you buyers out there.  If you find your dream house in this buyer’s market.  Lucky you! Don’t play games with low ball offers.  Don’t waste time pondering your choices or you too will be tomorrow’s “very sad buyer” and someone who made a happy educated offer, will be happily living in your dream house.


  1. Amy, great point about many houses in Chandler moving — if your house is clean, nice, in the right neighborhood and priced right it will stand out with so many REO properties on the market that need work.

    I can second the part about “…if you find your dream house in this buyers market. Lucky you! Don’t play games with low ball offers…”

  2. Thanks Justin~
    The media has everyone believing they’ll be able to pick up a home at a 30% discount under list price. Buyers have to understand that there ARE good deals out there…but there’s value in loving the house you buy…value that you can’t put a dollar figure on!