Does this house make my butt look big?

house-imageI’ve long ago given up thinking I know exactly what my buyers are looking for before I take them out for the first time to look at homes.  It’s a lot like picking out clothes for friend.  You may it will fit them to a “T”, but until they try it on…you just don’t know.

I remember the day when I first starting selling real estate and I walked into a home with my buyer in tow.  The house was a wreck and it smelled bad too.  The first words out of my mouth were “Wow, what a dump”.  Much to my chagrin, my buyer’s loved the house and ended up writing buying it.  Little hard for me to get the foot out of my mouth on that one.

As a rule, most buyers are looking for the home that looks like a model home….just like most teenage boys want a girlfriend who looks like Barbie.  I do my best to find my buyer just that…a house that has some “wow” factor (Not..”wow..what a dump” of course). 

But, when it comes right down to it, it’s more than beauty.  The home has to fit the buyer and the buyer’s lifestyle.  A home will generally speak to a buyer the minute they walk in the door.  I’ve said it over and over again… “Mr & Mrs Buyer, you won’t have to talk yourself into a home when you find the right one.  You’ll know it immediately.”  And it’s true. 

Just like trying on the perfect jeans…your butt will look just right… the minute you walk in the door.