Got Snakes, Spiders or Scorpions? Discovery Channel's "Verminators" Wants You! (and might be able to help!)

spiders-and-snakes-in-arizonaI’ve been contacted by Discovery’s Channel’s Verminators who also produce the other job related shows “Deadliest Catch”, “Ax Men”, “Ice Road Truckers” and “America’s Toughest Jobs”.

The new season of “Verminators” is ready to begin production and they are currently looking for “victims” of pest infestation in California, Arizona, Ohio, Texas and Florida who are experiencing problems with infestations of spiders and scorpions and snakes …”oh my!”

The show is primarily presented to viewers in order to document the job itself…how exterminators work together, what type of equipment they use, what kind of problems they can run into on a job, how they get rid of the pest and how they interact with their clients, etc.  The purpose of the show is not to make the client look bad, but rather quite the opposite.

If you are selected to participate on Verminators, their pest eradicators will come in to remedy the problem…at no cost to you (double bonus!) Producers assure me that their purpose is not to make the “victim” look bad and will not disclose names or places if that is a concern to the participant.  Of course, it can’t hurt if the participant is “fun and interesting!”.  Oh yes, that would be me…fun and interesting.  Almost makes me wish I had a pest problem….almost.

If you are experiencing problems with snakes, spiders, scorpion or even lizards and live in one of the states mentioned AND would like to be considered for the show, you can contact the producers at .  Include your name, location and an explanation of your problem.  Or..log on to

Let me know if you’re selected ~ I’d love to tune in!!


  1. I am not impressed by Verminators. I don’t think they represent the industry well. I see some lack of attention to personal protective equipment and some silly non-sense by technicians on the show that is not very mature or professional.

  2. Good to know. I’ve never watched the show but after reading your comment, I imagine it’s a lot like other reality-based shows with more of a focus on entertainment than actually representing the industry. Thanks for your comment, Gerry.

  3. judith says:

    I love the show and watch as often as I can . I can’t wait till next season starts . I have learned how I can take care of some of my pest problems on my own . I think that says a lot about the guys that run the company . I also wouldn’t make a comment unless I saw the show !

  4. Judith~ Thanks for your post! I originally wrote this post at the request of the producers of “Verminators”. I’m sure they’re thrilled you’re watching!