The voiceless victims of the foreclosure market

The housing foreclosure epidemic is breeding another voiceless victim.  Last week a home in the Seville community in Gilbert fell into foreclosure.  When the owners vacated they left behind 8 adult dogs and 15 newborn puppies.  The owners were “kind” enough to dump a bag of dog food into an open drawer in the kitchen and left the gate to the pool open so the dogs could get a drink…of the swampy green pool water.

On Monday night the Gilbert Police assisted LostOurHome Rescue to remove the dogs from this vacant home.  The puppies will be ready for adoption in about 8 weeks and the other dogs need forever homes too.  I encourage you to contact if you are interested in adopting a pet or making a donation to this worthy cause. is a worthy organization comprised of Realtors and Lenders who have gotten together to help other realtors with the issues we face when working in the market where desperate people make bad decisions about their pets.

If you’re a homeowner who is losing a home or if you simply can no longer afford to care for your pet,  there are organizations that can help you.  Please don’t leave your furry friends behind.


  1. Thank you so much Amy. Your help in spreading the word is greatly appreciated!

  2. You’re very welcome Paul. Such a worthy cause that deserves much attention!


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