Arizona Builders in Foreclosure

More and more builders are feeling the real estate crunch.  I recently stopped by one of those builder communities in Gilbert.  Randall Martin’s Sandalwood community located at Warner & Higley just off the 202 is truly a comment on today’s economy. 

I never thought I could feel sorry for a big ol’ builder…but I have to admit, I did feel a little sad when I walked through this overgrown neighborhood.  The few homes that have been built have been vandalized and the playground sits waiting for children that aren’t there.

I’m sure another builder will someday come along and start to rebuild this project but until then it’s just another case of when the builder goes under, the weeds come up…  Queue the spooky music and check out the tour


  1. […] Blandford bought the discounted lots when Builder Randall Martin walked away from the community (along with others in the Valley in February last year) and he has wisely passed on that savings to the bueyr.  Bravo to you, Mr. […]