Canadian Buyers return to Arizona

flagsHow do I know summer is almost over?  Canadian buyers are planning their house buying trips to the valley.  I’ve taken 2-4 calls every day this week from Canadians who are looking for their vacation and retirement homes in the sunshine. 

A recent post on the Canadian Real Estate Blog highlighted the fact that almost the entire US is “on sale” when it comes to real estate and that’s not really an exageration.  Our prices are lower than they were last fall and the trend doesn’t seem to be correcting.sunshine-in-arizona

However, homes that are priced well and that are in good condition are still selling even if they are selling for less than they would have a year ago.  Several of my listings have sold in the last month.  When a home is priced well, competing offers are still occurring driving the price up even above list (though not ridiculously as was happening 4 years ago).

So, it’s not all doom and gloom here in the valley, contrary to media reports.  We still have what few other places have…Weather that’s second to none.  Of course, you have to like sunshine.