Sun Lakes, AZ vs. Palm Desert, CA ~ Top Contenders for Canadian Buyers

It’s no secret that Arizona has been a top retirement & second home destination for years. Growing up in Illinois, I remember my mom talking about Sun City, AZ. At the time she said she never wanted to live in a community surrounded by “old” people. She was 75 at the time and I guess everything’s relative.  Unfortunately, mom passed away 7 years ago and her cremated remains are in a pretty box on a shelf in my home…located in a ‘retirement community”.  Mom had a great sense of humor…I hope she’s laughing about that.

But, once again, I digress… As I was saying~ I represent many buyers in the Sun Lakes area and I’ve noticed a trend with Canadian Buyers. Seems their final 2 choices for second home locales are a toss up between one of several active adult communities in the Phoenix valley and Palm Desert in California.

Personally, I don’t think there’s any comparison.  Palm Desert has much higher humidity which makes you feel miserable because you can’t cool off. But the biggest turn off for me in Palm Desert are the HUGE cockroaches. Ok, some try to make them sound less disgusting by calling them “Palmetto Bugs”. Cute name but when you find them in your drawers and the food in your canisters and pantry, I guarantee you’ll call them cockroaches. Gross. I know, I know…we have bugs in the Phoenix desert too…but nothing like cockroaches as big as your head. And the the humidity seems to help them multiply. Gross…again.

So my vote remains for Sun Lakes (though I may be a bit biased living in the area) and many of the Canadians I’ve represented agree. There’s really nothing quite like living in the Valley of the Sun.  Anyone disagree with that?


  1. Tony Novis says:

    All I can say, as a regular visitor from the UK to both Arizona (normally Scottsdale) and Palm Desert California is the only time that I have seen cockroaches, is in Scottsdale.
    Not that that would stop me from retiring in Arizona!
    Regards .. Tony

  2. Hi Tony~
    Yes, we do have cockroaches (sewer roaches really). The difference is they don’t want to be in your house. They don’t want to be in your food. If they get in your house…they’re generally trying to get out! Size is different too. The one’s in Palm Desert are around 3″ long. They do show up in the summer months, however, have you been there in the summer?

  3. Joyce Rueter says:

    I live close by and passed a Sold sign on one of your houses. How much did 26456 Pima, Sun Lakes sell for?

    It would be appreciated if you would share this information.



  4. I sold that home in 2 days! Yes, the good ones do sell quickly. It sold for $86,000.


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