"Arizona homes are practically being given away" A 21st Century Fairytale.

arizona-fairytaleOnce upon a time in a not so far away land lived a princess.  The princess lived in a castle that she bought herself.  Her perfect castle had 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and a garage just big enough for her pumpkin coach. 

The princess worked very hard to make her castle beautiful and it was.  It was so beautiful in fact, the neighbors used to slow down just to admire it’s beauty when they rode past. 

Inside, the castle was just as lovely.  The windows sparkled and the floors shined.  Three magical mice decorated every room with flowers they brought in from the garden and little bluebirds made the beds.

The princess loved her house, but she didn’t like living near her ugly stepsisters.  So, one day the princess decided she would sell her perfect castle and move to the other side of the kingdom. 

It was decided by the Real Estate Wizard of the land that the princess’s perfect castle was worth 100 gold tiddlywinks and the Sign-Elves placed a royal “For Sale” sign her front yard.

Soon buyers from all over the land were visiting her perfect castle and telling her what they didn’t like about it.  She castlewas surprised that anyone would be afraid of magical mice and she explained over and over that the little bluebirds that made her bed, never pooped on anything…not once.  But it didn’t matter.  All she heard was “you can only park one pumpkin carriage in the garage and you don’t have a moat”.  It seemed no one loved the castle as much as the princess did and it made her very sad and very, very tired.  She was so tired in fact that she accidentally stepped on one of the magical mice leaving a large brown stain on her perfectly white carpet.  

The princess’s ugly stepsisters kept telling the her that there were a lot of castles for sale and lots of them were bigger and better than hers. Some had countertops made of gold and rooms big enough for a pet dragon. 

The ugly stepsisters also told the princess stories about how some villagers couldn’t afford their castles anymore so the Tiddlywink Trolls had taken their castles away from them and now the Tiddlywink Trolls were selling those castles for several tiddlywinks less than the castles were worth.

“But most of those castles are falling apart and my castle is perfect!” the princess argued.  “Doesn’t matter,” replied her ugly stepsisters 

“Oh my!” the princess cried,  “How will I ever sell my castle? Must I live near my ugly stepsisters forever?”

Then one day some visitors from a land far, far away came to the kingdom.  They had heard that castles were being given away in the kingdom and they were looking for a smokin’ castle deal.  The visitors went to see the princess’s castle and decided they wanted to buy it.  The princess was so excited.  She was finally going to be able to move to the other side of the kingdom!  But, alas, instead of offering even close to 100 gold tiddlywinks for her castle, they only wanted to give her 80 and asked her to throw in her bed-making bluebirds, magical mice and the pumpkin coach too. 

“WHAT? 80 gold tiddlywinks? Have they been drinking witches brew?” she cried.  “No, I will not sell my castle for 80 or even 90 gold tiddlywinks.  I would rather kiss an enchanted toad.” 

The Real Estate Wizard calmed the princess and told her to relax.  She said the villagers from lands far away had simply heard the news that Arizona castles are being sold for bits on the tiddlywink.  She suggested the princess counter the low offer with one that was acceptable to her.  But the princess was insulted and refused.

A few weeks passed by and the Real Estate Wizard suggested it was time for the princess to lower the price of her perfect castle by a number of tiddlywinks.  The Princess was aghast.  Lower the price on her perfect castle?  Was the wizard whacked?

So the princess waited for the perfect buyers to come along and as she waited the prices on the castles around her continued to fall.  There were castles with moats and fountains and magical kitchens that cooked all by themselves.  Castles complete  with window cleaning dragons and magical firefly lighting (which were upgrades of course).  The castles that were selling either had many more upgrades than the princess’s castle, or were priced much less.

The Real Estate Wizard tried again, explaining that the Appraisal Gnomes would never say her home was worth 100 tiddlywinks, especially without a moat.  So the princess finally agreed.  She listened to the Real Estate Wizard’s recommendation and priced her castle at just the right number of tiddlywinks.  Just like magic, a buyer from the Land of Reason came along and offered just the right number of tiddlywinks for the perfect castle and the princess was almost happy until she remembered she would have had more tiddlywinks if she had not been so hasty to reject her first offer.

frog-princessSo, the princess was finally able to move to the other side of the kingdom away from her ugly stepsisters and to this day she and the bluebirds, the 2 magical mice along with her enchanted toad (there’s always an enchanted toad) live happily ever after. 

Moral of the story: Don’t let your moat dry up while you wait to get more tiddlywinks for your castle.  Your Real Estate Wizard is wise about castles and tiddlywinks. Listen to the Wizard.

The End


  1. Stephanie Jacques says:

    I was hoping there would be some ending that I could use as a fable when meeting with sellers in this market, who might be faced with doing a price reduction! Cute story though!

  2. You know…probably should put that little bit of a twist to it. I’ll give it a go and let you know. I really started out not knowing where it was going~ Probaby should have had a road map!! 😉

  3. There…that’s better.