Ike leaves his mark on Houston ~ A daughter's perspective

I’m praising God & happy to report that the flood waters have receded and my daughter Alesha is back at her Houston home which was amazingly unscathed by Ike’s fury.  Other homes on her street were not quite so fortunate.

The power remains out in many parts of Houston but remarkably (considering the damage), the death toll is relatively low and of today I believe stands at 50…mostly in Galveston.

Alesha spent the better part of the weekend helping her friend clean rotting food out of a refrigerator. Good times.  Drinking water is still being boiled and Alesha’s breakfast for the past week has consisted of a bagel toasted on a barbecue grill. 

Hearing about the storms that wrack the country at different times of the year makes me very aware of how wonderfully uneventful our weather is here in the Valley of the Sun.  “Just another day in paradise” is pretty much what we have almost every single day.  Outside of our typical triple-digit summer temps, which didn’t really seem too bad this summer and the occasional monsoon storm, we’ve really got it made…even if it is a little boring.

Often buyers come to the Phoenix area while trying to decide between here and California or Florida as the perfect place to buy a vacation or retirement property.  What’s to decide?  California prices are typically ranked as out of control and Florida is great…if you like rain, humidity, hurricanes and mosquitoes as big as your head.

But, I digress…Alesha sent me a couple links to some amazing photos of the devastation wrought by Ike, so thought I’d share while silently offering my prayer of thanks that Alesha is safe (at the same time subconsciously calculating a scheme to get her to move to Arizona where it’s safe from hurricanes).