Honesty is the best policy, but will it sell your house?

My post a couple days ago about the Little Words that might be a big reason your home isn’t selling brings a question on the flip side of the coin of just how much honesty is too much honesty?

I take great pride in the photos I take of my listings.  I’m a firm believer that if a home looks great online it will be shown more often and will consequently have a better chance of selling. 

There have been times when my listings actually looked better online than they did in person (Some of the sellers have actually told me that themselves). This doesn’t apply to any of my current listings by the way!

Don’t get me wrong, I never alter my photos outside of correcting exposure issues but the right angles can really change the perception of a room. 

One question that I always struggle with is how much info is too much info?  We all get the concept that the reason for a marketing photo is to draw a potential buyer into the home for a personal viewing which will hopefully result in a purchase. 

But what if the home backs to a major road?  What if the the only thing you can enjoy while relaxing on the patio is the lovely view and hum of a high voltage power line.  I’ve always figured if the home is perfect inside …it’s best not to broadcast it’s backing to the train tracks.  A buyer may fall in love with the home once inside and the “boil on it’s backside” might not be that big a deal.  Right?

But what if the home is not exactly ready for “Better Homes & Garden” if you get my drift?  Today I came across a listing that was just that.  I give the listing agent the “Bravery Award” for this one and I thank him for being brutally honest and saving me a trip to the property with my buyers.  Actually looks like photos that could have gone on yesterday’s post.  Hurricane Ike hits Chandler.

So, when is honest…just too honest?



  1. Great post — It makes you wonder if an agent is “neglecting their duties” to the seller by posting those type of pictures.

  2. I’ve never been able to figure it out. I think no photo is better than a bad photo!

  3. Haha… That’s actually very impressive… It’s really quite a stack they’ve got going there… Actually, the first thing to go through my mind was, “Did Hurrican Ike touch down inside this house?” We think alike… 🙂 I suppose, in the agent’s defense, you can’t exactly fit that much trash in the closet…

  4. I know…but maybe you hold off on listing this until some “staging’ is done. Or…until a dumpster is filled! 🙂


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