Hurricane Ike hits Chandler, AZ

Ok, not really, but when your child is living in what is now the eye of the storm, it might as well be pounding the roof of your own home 1100 miles away.

A mother’s worries never end.  It doesn’t matter that my daughter Alesha is 31 years old.  In my mind she’ll always be…oh, I don’t know…let’s say 6. 

Alesha lives in Houston.  She called 2 days ago to let me know she would be staying with a friend during the storm. That was a relief since the thought of her being alone worried me.  Her friend’s home, she said, had survived many hurricanes and was located South of her home.  Wait a minute…South?  Shouldn’t you be going North I asked?  “Don’t worry, mom, I’ll be fine”…Right. Don’t worry. That’s like telling a fish not to swim.

I asked her if they have all the emergency necessities like bottled water, a transistor radio (do they still call them that?), food, bandages…antibiotics?  She laughed. She’s used to me.

You have to understand that I know my daughter can take care of herself. She’s travelled the world alone. From Tasmania to Egypt to Taiwan.  With each trip she’s told me “Don’t worry, mom.  I’ll be fine.” Did I listen? No. I’m a mom. That’s what I do. I worry about my children. 

I heard from Alesha at 3:00 AM Arizona time. A text message that said she was fine but that she’d never heard wind like she was hearing.  I kinda wish she’d stopped at “I’m fine”.

I try to reach her at 6:00 AM Arizona time. No answer. This is not good. Of course, I’m watching the weather channel live reports from Houston.  I don’t see any major devastation. No bodies. No rioting. But still…I haven’t heard from her. Let’s see…it’s 8:00 AM.  She could be sleeping, right?  Nah…I try to reach her again. OK. Maybe the lines are down. Are there lines with cell phones?

OH! Wait! Just got an email.  “What an adventure! There’s been some damage but I’m off to take photos. Don’t worry, Mom. The sun is shining.”  Indeed it is.


  1. Hey,

    Just thought I’d let you know that I just heard back from my friend, Felicia… She actually left Houston, and is doing just fine. Whew… 🙂

    That’s all for now… Happy Saturday!


  2. I’m glad you posted this Amy. After we chatted last night, I added Alesha to my “worry list”. I’ve connected with a couple of my friends in Houston and they are fine. Their general reaction to Ike was, “Wow”…

  3. Hey Jay & Dominique,
    Thanks so much for your concern and updates. I haven’t got to speak with Alesha yet, but I’m not worried (ok, that’s not completely true). I’ll feel better when I talk to her, but it does appear Houston wasn’t too tore up.

    Thanks again for helping with my Blog design!


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