Little words that might be a big reason your home isn't selling

While the most likely reason your home isn’t selling is probably price, there are some descriptive words that are being used to advertise your home that may be limiting it’s sale potential.

For years, real estate agents have used flowery terms to paint a pretty picture of the home they are trying to sell.  Home buyers know this and have gotten pretty good at reading between the lines. 

Here’s an example from real estate writing 101.

What the ad says:

“This cute and cozy home has been waiting for the right owners! Great location with no neighbors behind! Backyard is a blank palate for your own creative design! Conveniently located across the street from school , and only a few minutes from the airport! Needs some updating and a little TLC and is being sold “as is”. Large dog in backyard, please don’t enter without owner being present and please don’t let the cats out!”  

What a buyer reads:

 “This suffocatingly small house has low ceilings and small rooms and has been on the market forever.  It probably backs to a busy road, major freeway or Walmart. The backyard is nothing but dirt and is going to cost you thousands to landscape. You better like kids and the noises they make and you’re probably not going to be able to pull out of your driveway during the early morning drop off times and afternoon pick-up times…if it’s across the street from a high school then you better like loud music, screeching tires, along with cigarette butts and soda cans in your yard. Have to like the sound of jet planes too because you’ll probably be hearing them 24 hours a day being that close to the airport. This house house has avocado green shag carpeting, popcorn ceilings, original harvest gold appliances and is a wreck.  The owner knows it so he’s not going to fix anything because it’s going to cost a fortune. That dirt backyard is probably filled with holes and dog poop, the patio door is ruined and the house smells like cat.”

Buyers are not likely to visit this home unless they’re looking for a fixer-upper and they’ve probably developed a headache with all those exclamation points yelling at them.

Oh…and if an ad for a home doesn’t mention anything about the home and has no photos, but talks about the nearby amenities…that translates into “This house is so ugly, there’s nothing we can say about it to make you want to buy it and we would rather surprise you with it’s ugliness than provide a photo up front.”

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with creating a pretty word picture of a home, but understand that you’re probably not fooling anyone. It’s kinda like hearing your best friend tell you the blind date they just set you up with has a great personality.  We all know how well that worked.


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