Real Estate Video Tours ~ Are they bringing in buyers or burglars?

video-toursI personally think video tours of properties for sale will soon replace the static style virtual tours that many agents currently use to sell a home.  I mentioned this in a meeting yesterday and was countered with the argument that video tours will be used by burglars to get an easy video guide to go through a sellers home. 

While I’m sure there will be cases like that, I really don’t see the difference from simply posting a photo or virtual tour of the home online.  I mean, come on, do thieves really need a map?  It’s not like they’re breaking into the Louvre.

Google Maps are being targeted as being dangerous since they could be used by child predators when a map may show a child playing in a yard or near a home.  I’m sorry, I’m all for protecting our children…but I’m thinking predators are hanging out at malls…parks…or can just drive down the street to see where children live.  I Don’t think they’re relying on photos that who knows are how old.  I admit…I don’t have a criminal mind, so I could be way off base here.

The Internet has opened the door for crime in many forms, but open houses are no better…and they’ve been around for years.  The only difference is with an open house, not only are the contents of a seller’s home in danger…so is the Realtor who opens the door.


  1. I’ve been providing video tours for realtors for several years… hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them.

    It’s never been a problem. Not once.

    I would say keep your doors locked, put your valuables away if you’re slightly paranoid and don’t get caught up in phony hype. It’s ridiculous.

  2. Hi Fred~

    I agree with you. I remember hearing the same argument when homes started being marketed online with additional photos attached. I’m thinking that the agents who are making the most noise about the “dangers of high tech marketing” are those who lack the abilities to provide that high tech marketing.