Buyers from the Darkside. What's the scam?

I’ve had many strange experiences with buyers over the years and most of the time I can figure out the weirdness. But there’s one type of buyer buyer-scamsI can’t figure out. 

I receive a call from a buyer who says he’s interested in purchasing a home that’s listed on my website.  Am I skeptical right off?  Yes.  I ask him if he has seen the home with another agent perhaps?  “No, but my wife has fallen in love with the home on the internet. We’re in Dallas and we would like you to call the seller to see if we could work out a purchase price before we come to see it”.

The home in question is listed at a cool 17,000,000.  With red flags waving and every ounce of my being trying to figure out where the scam comes in.  I tell “Dallas” that I would be happy to help him and ask him how he is planning on financing this home.  Of course, he is coming into a small fortune as he’s selling a business in Dallas.  He had an offer in on a home in Florida, but his wife really likes this home and now wants to move with their 4 children to Paradise Valley.

I tell Mr. Dallas that I really can’t begin any verbal negotiations until I have a copy of his financials indicating he can afford this home. He seems a bit offended that I would ask him for proof.  Now I know this is going nowhere, but I’m intrigued enough to continue because I still can’t figure out the scam. 

Mr Dallas puts his wife on the phone to tell me she really wants this house. (yea, so do I)  So…show me the money, right? But no, Mr. Dallas is going through legal battles with an ex-wife and his attorney does not his financials exposed.  I tell him I really can’t do anything without financials and he finally agrees and tells me his attorney will contact me…that was 3 months ago.  No, I’m not waiting by the phone.

I later heard another agent in Scottsdale sharing the exact same story about Mr. Dallas. I told her to run like the wind.

I’m told this happens a lot in Mega Mansion Land…but no one could tell me WHY????   What’s the scam?  Outside of a nice tour of estate homes, being treated like royalty and a free meal or two…  Maybe that’s it?  A nice way to spend the weekend if a visitor has nothing else to do?  Maybe.  But I still don’t get Mr. Dallas.

It’s just like all those emails I get.  Yesterday alone I heard from Joseph Poon whose client Fayez Abdulaziz died in an explosion and left me $22,400,000!  And from Mr. Liu An whose client Mohammed Jasim Ali wanted to give me $19,500,000!   And from Hirzan Izady who had another $17,500,000 for me!  Oh…AND…Mrs. Clair Stewart emailed me to let me know I had won 800,000 lbs!  I’m assuming thats the English Lottery and not instant weight gain.  Anyway, does anyone really believe those email?  What’s the point?

I guess there are some mysteries in life we’ll just never figure out.


  1. Ha!!! You got an email from Joseph Poon too!!! I guess he’s got a LOT of extra cash layin’ around, cuz he offered me “Twenty Two million Four Hundred Thousand United State Dollars” (that’s a direct quote). I see poor Mr. Fayez Abdulaziz Mohammed along with his wife and only daughter died to provide you with some much needed cash as well. I wonder how many accounts he had with Joseph’s bank anyways? Of course I had to email Joseph back with all my information because I wouldn’t want the ownership of those funds to revert to the Hong Kong Government… (what does Hong Kong have to do with it anyways??)

    Anyways, I just thought it was funny that you got the same email… Apparently we’re on the same mailing list… 🙂


    By the way, keep an eye out for Koffi Juliet… She’s trying to get rid of $10,500,000… I told her that I already got enough from Joseph Poon and didn’t want to be greedy… If anyone wants her email address, just let me know, and I’ll forward that along… 🙂

  2. Too funny! Crazy Joey Poon….such a prankster! 🙂

  3. Haha!! “Joey Poon”… I like that… Joseph Poon just doesn’t have the same ring to it…

  4. Wow! They’re dropping like flies! Just got an email from Wilson William…Hmmm…let’s call him Willie Billie, yea..that’s good. His client John Shumejda and his entire family died in a crash and they picked ME to give their inheritance too! 15,000,000 sterling pounds! That’s a lot right? What are the chances that I would be a benficiary to so many poor unfortunates? Money coming in from all over the world! Me so lucky.

  5. hehe… You’re funny!

    Oh, guess what… I just got an email from Mr. Paul Okofu… Apparently I have an overdue inheritance fund of 15.5 million dollars just a sittin’ in his bank. Excuse me, his “Reputable Bank.” Yeah, and some chick named Janet Dura is trying to claim my inheritance as her own!! The nerve! So, I have to contact him immediately to confirm my identity and inform them that Janet Dura is not an agent of mine and should not be granted access to those funds, since they are rightfully mine… Oh, and the Reserve Bank Governor, Executive, Board of Directors, and even the Senate Committee for Foreign Overdue Inheritance Funds are all in on this. Apparently they are all very concerned about whether or not I wrest my inheritance from the hands of this thieving woman… You know, after all the money I got from Joey Poon; I was actually considering just letting Janet have my inheritance… But, someone’s gotta teach her a lesson!

    By the way. Sorry to hear about John and his family. But congrats on the inheritance! I don’t know the conversion rate from sterling pounds to dollars, but that does sound like a lot. 🙂

  6. I’m so sad. Themba Fessie has just contacted me (and ONLY me or so she says) because she got my name from the Trade & Exhibition Center in Johannesburg. WOW oh WOW!!! My marketing is paying off!

    Anyway, now the bad news, seems Themba “craves my indulgence” in transferring poor dead Morrie & Thelma Thompson’s 32,000,000. Guess they died in a plane crash flying home from Puerta Vallarta. Broke my heart as Morrie and Thelma never told me they were going to Mexico. I’m now wondering if we were ever friends in the first place.

    Just when I thought I might not be able to make it through my day, however, I received a pick-me-up email from John Okon who has 50,400,000 to invest in properties in my country. I’m hoping I don’t have to travel. It would just be easier to sell him 3 or 4 really nice McMansions here in Paradise Valley.

    Then I got to thinking…I’ll bet Mr. Dallas would love to be in on that action. I think I’ll give him a call…

  7. Alaska Airlines Flight 261 flying to San Francisco and Seattle from Puerto Vallarta…

    Jeez… I think we really are on the same mailing list… I JUST got the same email, at about 1246AM…

    Ok, so ummm… You wanna flip a quarter for this one? I’m feeling a bit skeptical about this email, though. I mean, Themba told me that I was the ONLY one that she contacted in this matter. Now I find out that you were working a deal with her on the side??? I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt though. But next time, we should talk about these things beforehand. I mean, hey, there’s plenty of money to go around… Apparently… 🙂