So, your house isn't selling…now what?

house-isnt-sellingFirst, you’re not alone.  Almost everywhere in the country, homes are taking longer to sell.  In the Phoenix area if your home is not priced competitively, you’re reducing your chances of selling.  If you start reducing your price to keep up with your neighbors who are reducing, you’re doing what we call “chasing the market” and you’re not likely to catch it.

#1 You must know by now that PRICE is the number 1 reason your home isn’t selling.  It ALWAYS comes down to price.  You have to be the best house at the best price so know what you’re competing with.  Ask your agent to take you to visit homes you are competing with.  It may help you establish a realistic and sales worthy price on your home before values fall any further.

#2 CONDITION.  Does your home look like a model home?  Does it have all the top upgrades that buyers are looking for today?  Granite is a biggie (unless we find out granite is killing us), tile floors, neutral colors, nicely landscaped, etc.  If so, lucky you!  Your chances of selling are higher than many.  If not…do not fear, refer back to #1 and adjust accordingly.  If your home is in disrepair, outdated, has purple walls or smells like Rover ….fix the problem.  You will probably recoup the cost of paint, carpet or other repairs rather than listing at a fire sale price….refer back to #1.

#3 Location. Do you back to the San Tan Freeway or a railroad track?  Can you see power lines while relaxing on your patio.  During the market frenzy these conditions didn’t keep a house from selling.  With hundreds of perfect homes on the market today, these locations may result in your home being at the bottom of the list.

#4 Marketing. How is your home being marketed? Have you seen the photos of your home on the MLS? Better check them out and see if YOU would want to buy your home from the photos you see.  Today’s buyer is shopping online.  Lots of great photos spread out all over the Internet will increase the probability that your home will be sold.  Make sure that’s happening.

#5 Patience.  Hopefully, you’ll have the luxury of being patient.  If not…refer back to #1!