Proposed "Palm Tree" Cell Towers Irk Chandler Neighbors

More than just being an eyesore, residents of Arizona Estates subdivision cite the unknown perils of radio waves as one of the reasons they oppose the installation of a Verizon cell phone tower 2 blocks away from their subdivision Northeast of Cooper Rd. and the San Tan Freeway. 

The cell towers are proposed to be about 50′ in height and camouflaged to look like palm trees..otherwise known as a “monopalm”.  Cute..unless you’re living under one.

Property devaluation also comes into play.  I don’t think anyone will be fooled into thinking a cell tower is a 50′ palm tree and if it’s in your direct line of sight sitting on your patio…probably won’t help your property value at all.

A petition signed by 74 members of the Arizona Estates neighborhood resulted in the Chandler City Council’s decision to delay a ruling until September 25th, giving residents hope.


  1. Great Blog post. I am going to bookmark and read more often. I love the Blog template … if you need any assistance customizing it let me know!

  2. Thanks Eric.

  3. Rosemarie says:

    What ever happened with this and did these towers go up?

  4. Yes, I believe they did a few years ago.