Open houses and why a smart agent won't do them.

open-house-chandlerI read a blog this morning on Trulia and then again picked it up on Jay Thompson’s Blog.  Seems a buyer was concerned the agents he had been interviewing do not do open houses.  The debate that ensued was quite entertaining from an Agent’s point of view. 

Outside of the obvious differences of opinion on the “open house theory”, it never ceases to amaze me how a supposed Real Estate “PROFESSIONAL” can act so UNPROFESSIONAL as to bash a colleague with comments like “an agent who does not sit opens is in my opinion lazy”

I once sold one of my listings while I was standing at the pump filling my car with gas.  The couple behind me noticed my 1CASA4U license plate and told me they were looking for a home.  After a short conversation I mentioned that I had a home listed that might fit the bill. 

No, I’m not an idiot…I didn’t have them follow me to the home, but instead they followed me back to my office where they were prequalified etc. 

Long story made short they did buy the home. 

On the theory that 2% of homes might just sell at an open house…I guess we could all just start just hanging out at the gas pumps with our listing flyers.  Makes about as much sense.

What sellers have to understand (as well as some agents) is times are changing.  Some activities to sell a home are antiquated and not a good use of time.  Doesn’t mean they don’t ever work…

Before the internet, open houses were a great way to give a home visibility.  Time marches on and communication mediums improve.  TV antennas on the roof worked just fine too, until Satellite & Cable expanded the viewing area.  Doesn’t mean you can’t have an antenna on your roof.  Oh wait…those aren’t going to work much longer either.  Yes, time marches on and technology keeps getting faster.  We just have to keep up…kicking and screaming… we just have to keep up.


  1. If only 2% of Open Houses result in a sale, but upwards of 80% of buyers are using the internet to search for houses, why not move the open houses to the internet? A traditional Open House only really caters to the local population (i.e. those individuals who live close enough to make it feasible to attend your Open House). But there are millions of other homebuyers throughout the country, some of which might be relocating to your area. These people will most likely not be able to attend an Open House unless they were to schedule a plane ride around your Open House, which is unlikely. But if you conducted your Open House over the internet, then it wouldn’t matter where people lived, because they wouldn’t have to leave their home in order to attend. Yes, obviously, I’m touting my own website (, but only because I think it is relevant to this post. I think that you are right and that some activities to sell a home are antiquated. I find Open Houses to be one of those activities, and my website is my way of helping agents keep up with technology. The way I see it, if buyers are going to push you to do Open Houses regardless, and you know that they aren’t likely to sell the property, why not try doing them a different way?