Chandler Arizona property values heading up as cows head out.

Where have all the cows gone?  Chandler, AZ, which has grown from less than 30,000 residents in 1980 to more than 250,000 this year, is cows-in-the-cityno longer a sleepy little farming town.  Recently released governmental studies predict “exploding” job growth and higher density housing in the Chandler city center.

Really?  It’s hard to even picture high density housing in the “city center”.  Where exactly is the “city center”? 

The Price Road Corridor, Chandler Airport area and West Chandler are considered the city’s main employment areas where acres of land have been set aside as half of Chandler’s land filled with homes.  Apparently a plan that has paid off as construction and job growth is expected to “explode” over the next 20 years.

The best news is the predicted rise in Chandler property values as people tire of living on the outskirts spending hours behind the wheel of their car driving to work every day and homes in Chandler become a more desirable commodity.

Promising news for Chandler…but I still miss the cows.