Dunkin Donuts comes to Chandler…Roll me on in!

Yes, I’m a reformed Dunkin Donut addict.  During my 1st pregnancy 31 years ago, I could eat a whole box of Chocolate Creme Filled Dunkin dunkin-donuts-chandlerDonuts at a single sitting.  (I can’t believe I did that, by the way)  Moving to Arizona in 2001, imagine my dismay that there were no Dunkin Donuts to be found.  It may have helped my waistline, but my heart was very sad.

Today I jump for joy as I hear the news that Dunkin Donuts has opened 3 stores in the East Valley, including one in Chandler at the Cobblestone convenience store (otherwise known as the Cobblestone Car Wash) at Germann and Alma School. 


I’d write more…but gotta go.  Donuts are calling my name.