It's football season… I can run, but I can't hide

It’s no secret in my family that I, Amy Jones, was born without a sport gene.  Not one.  I won’t watch football, baseball, hockey, golf…or any other sport that involves anyone chasing a ball, rolling a ball, hitting a ball or hitting each other for that matter.  It’s even more than not watching…when sports are playing on tv in my home or in a restaurant or even on the radio, it makes my teeth itch.  There should be a pill I can take.

When I lived in Wisconsin I was a freak of nature as the Packer Backers came out of hiding every fall.  I did not own a single green or gold garment to wear on Football Fridays at work and I refused to enter any establishment with a tv playing on the weekends or Monday nights. 

There’s not as much excitement in Arizona over the sport of Football…I know we have a team, I just can’t remember it’s name. (See, no sport’s gene)

So, here it is again, Football season.  It’s seems rather early to be starting football.  I mean, didn’t basketball just end?  And, what about baseball? Aren’t they still playing?  I don’t think there should be an overlap in sports. There should be one per season.  My dad has 2 tv’s playing at once.  Golf on one, football on the other (and probably listening to baseball on the radio).  Luckily, my husband’s not too into sports so that’s all good.

I think I’ll start spotlighting area things to do for those of us without a sports gene.  Monday’s and Thursdays would be good times to target these and I’m open for suggestions!