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Are your granite countertops killing you?

It's true, some granite counter tops are emitting concerning levels of Radon, a radioactive gas which is the second leading cause of lung cancer, claims about 20,000 lives per year … [Read more...]

Major Manufacturer eyeing space on the Price Rd Corridor in Chandler, AZ

The 153-Acre Motorola parcel is being considered by a major Solar Manufacturing Company (similar in size and salary structure to Intel) which if they choose to settle in Chandler, … [Read more...]

The Heart Attack Grill in Chandler…it ain't your mama's restaurant.

I just heard about the Heart Attack Grill and was intrigued by the name.  Thought it might be a place my husband & I might check out.  I'll admit, when I go out to eat, I … [Read more...]

Labor Day Weekend Things to do in Arizona

Saturday: Second annual Phoenix Fear Film Festival, Chandler Cinemas. New films by veteran, student and professional horror filmmakers. 480-821-1605. Saturday thru Monday: 83rd … [Read more...]

March of the "Worms" Across Riggs Road in Sun Lakes

Every year about this time you'll see a herd of what look like fat worms scurrying (do worm's scurry?) in a wide marching band formation (up to 2-3 feet wide) across Riggs Rd just … [Read more...]

Vote YES on the No New Home Tax Ballot Measure

A "YES" vote will stop the imposition of a new tax on your home, business or property.  This proposed transfer tax would be catastrophic for our already ailing real estate market.  … [Read more...]

Buyers Scramble as the Deadline for Seller Assistance Approaches

As the october 1 deadline for the elimination of Seller Assistance programs approaches, FHA Buyers in the Phoenix area are scrambling to secure a home. I’ve heard some lenders are … [Read more...]

The weirdest obituary I've ever seen

Most obituaries are scanned over briefly unless you, at the very least, vaguely know the deceased. This one caught my eye and goes down in my book as one of the least flattering, … [Read more...]

Arizona's best waterfalls

When you hear Arizona, your mind conjures images of cactus and red rock, but some of Arizona's most beautiful attractions are it's waterfalls.  Most Arizona waterfalls are seasonal … [Read more...]

Chandler Arizona property values heading up as cows head out.

Where have all the cows gone?  Chandler, AZ, which has grown from less than 30,000 residents in 1980 to more than 250,000 this year, is no longer a sleepy little farming town.  … [Read more...]