Phoenix Makes Forbes Magazine's Top 10 List

Investors are noticing the Phoenix real estate market and are BUYING!  Talk in the investor circles is that the Phoenix market has bottomed out (haven’t I been saying that?) and now is the time to buy. 

Forbes Magazine has taken note and named Phoenix one of the top 10 Real Estate Investment Markets in the country.

The investors that are buying in the Phoenix area today are a different type of investor than that who played havok with our market 3-4 years ago.  This investor is wiser.  Is not playing real estate mogul without a clue as to how that is done in the real world.  These investors know what they’re doing and they’re coming with cash in hand vs the “no money down” investors that finally burst our bubble during the boom.

Today’s investors are coming from out of state and Canada.  They’ve been watching our market for a couple years now and feel now is the best time to buy.  Good news at last for sellers in the valley.

So where did we rank?  Number 9.  But, if you look at the 5 largest cities we ranked as the most affordable.  Add to that our great schools, good highway system, beautiful new communities and outstanding weather…Well, it’s a no-brainer.  The Valley of the Sun just can’t be beat.

The top 10 cities for great real estate investment opportunities are…drum roll please…

#1 New York City, #2 Washington DC, #3 Los Angeles, #4 San Francisco, #5 Seattle, #6 Boston, #7 Chicago, #8 Las Vegas, #9 Phoenix and #10 Orlando.