What's the average income in the Phoenix area?

Another often-asked question by buyers moving to the area from out of state.  Just how do Phoenix area salaries compare to the rest of the country? 

We have a relatively strong economy here, but not as strong as it was over the last couple years.  The national mortgage crisis and the severe decrease in new home construction is a major contributing factor in our economic decline. 

But what ARE workers earning in the Phoenix area? Here are just a few annual incomes as reported in Phoenix Magazine.

  • Cashier $21,190
  • Child/family/school social worker $33,910
  • Computer systems analyst 70,240
  • Criminal Investigator $54,090
  • Database administrator $58,620
  • Drywall & ceiling tile installer $30,840
  • Electrical engineer $77,080
  • Floral designer 23,680
  • Landscape worker $20,570
  • Lawyer $110,000
  • Librarian $43,370
  • Physical therapist $63,730
  • Physician assistant $64,320
  • PR specialist $44,850
  • Registered nurse $58,880
  • Restaurant cook $21,440
  • Security guard $22,300
  • Teacher’s assistant $20,160
  • Truck driver $39,190
  • Waiter/Waitress $17,460

What are the in demand jobs locally?

  • Aerospace industry (including everyone from assemblers to accountants, managers to IT)
  • Accounting field (especially experienced accountants and CPA’s)
  • Financial jobs including tax accountants, public accountants, financial analysts etc
  • IT field
  • Engineering field
  • Computer services
  • wast managment
  • security business
  • Health care workers at all levels

What’s the least in demand industry…construction and mortgage-related jobs.

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