Archives for July 2008

Are home prices falling in Chandler, Arizona?

Here's the scoop.  Yes, prices have fallen in Chandler.  However, the good news is they didn't start falling as soon as some other communities, so the bottom line isn't as … [Read more...]

The bouncing ball of Real Estate in Chandler Arizona

Our Real Estate Market continues to bounce around.  Have we hit bottom?  By the looks of it...we are bouncing along the bottom and if all predictions are true, should be heading … [Read more...]

Phoenix Makes Forbes Magazine's Top 10 List

Investors are noticing the Phoenix real estate market and are BUYING!  Talk in the investor circles is that the Phoenix market has bottomed out (haven't I been saying that?) and … [Read more...]

Where have all the Canadians gone?

Canadian buyer activity has slowed in the Valley.  "Why...oh...Why?" you might ask.  I have one very big reason to share with you...IT'S HOT!!!! Yes, that's it.  Really.  This is … [Read more...]

What's the average income in the Phoenix area?

Another often-asked question by buyers moving to the area from out of state.  Just how do Phoenix area salaries compare to the rest of the country?  We have a relatively strong … [Read more...]

The long awaited opening of the final 4.5 mile section of the Loop 202 in the East Valley

Getting around the East Valley will get easier as of July 21, 2008 as the final section of the 202 will be opened for traffic.  As a Realtor, this is something I've been anxiously … [Read more...]

Chandler AZ and surrounding East Valley 4th of July Fireworks

I used to LOVE fireworks when I lived in the Midwest.  Temps were moderate though usually muggy (with fireworks sometimes being cancelled due to fog!) and except for having to be … [Read more...]