Gourmet McDonald's Opening in Gilbert

gourmet-mcdonalds-in-gilbertYes, McDonald’s is going upscale with the first restaurant of it’s kind in the state.  Featuring plasma screen tvs, wireless internet access, a toddler play area and booths with high leather backs.  Ooo la la!

An upscale exterior will complete the look with  glass and metal, striped awnings, and a double-lane drive-through. Customers in the drive-through lane will be able to look through a window into the kitchen before reaching the pick-up window.  Hmmmm.  I’m not sure I want to see the kitchen before I order, but OK.

The new restaurant will be located at Val Vista and Pecos near the new San Tan Village.  Have you been to the new San Tan Village?  It’s pretty amazing.  And now…with this gourmet McDonald’s, you’ll have somewhere to take your upscale toddler!